U.T.F.O…. Roxanne, Roxanne

Oh boy. It’s been a looong time, but maybe I can keep some of the facts straight. U.T.F.O dropped a single. I forget the name of it, but this was the B-side. Obviously the better track, or I wouldn’t be writing about it right now 28 years later.

Anyway, a 14yo girl made a response to it(in one take, according to the internets) with Marley Marl using UTFO’s Instrumental. Roxanne Shante was born.

The original version (above) was more gully than the second and eventually more popular one(below)


This led to mad response records. Beginning with the girl from the original songs video. She came out and called herself “the Real Roxanne” and even had some shit on the radio at some point followed by all sorts of old school artist who’s names I forget or never knew trying to cash in on the hype. That’s my abridged version. I’m sure some H*p-H*p shrine exists on the interwebs detailing all the minutia of which came first and what order and what apartment or studio this one or that one used to record what. You probably don’t want an education though just some edutainment.

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  1. neodj23 says:

    If I am correct, this song is the b-side. The a-side was called “Hangin’ Out” I think the picture of the you tube post you have is from when the song became popular.

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