A Graham of Glass Vs FreshDipped*
My man Graham from A Graham of Glass got hooked up with the guys from Signal Snowboards and baby bean productions and they decided to do these sick trophies for the 2011 SnowTour Graham asked if we could help him make a stencil to sandblast the area to be hand painted by him.  We told him we could print directly on the glass.  We did and they came out awesome.  If that wasn’t enough, Graham who makes sick, backlit windows with dimensional attributes convinced them to have one made for the event. Check it. And peep his site where he has a few more of his pieces. He does commissioned work and can take any picture you want and re-represent it as Dimensional Art Glass©. Here’s another shot of it in in action on the mountain

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  1. Thanks D!!!! Looks awesome man. I like how you can do a page on individual things. I also like how you have the Dot Matrix paper as your background. Tight!!!! Wondering if maybe for mine we could get a shot of a stained glass window pattern and do it like panels. Ya get me? I have a panel I’ll take a picture of and show you.

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